Rock Drilling Equipment Repairs

Restoring your rock drilling equipment for optimal performance.


Rock Drill Equipment Repair Services Australia

Focused on the repair and maintenance of rock drilling machine equipment, our team at Bredo always strives to support your operations. Whether you need shaft repairs, spare parts for rock drills, or hydraulic accessories, we provide expert work, customised to your project.

Our years of experience in the rock drilling industry mean our customers receive the best services. From rigs to mining and tunnelling, our technology and expertise ensures safe and high quality repairs of your rock drilling machines.

Rock drilling equipment digging into dirt

From Minor Part Repairs to Full Restoration

Cutting-edge rock drilling repair equipment

We use the latest rock drilling maintenance and repair equipment. With this, you can penetrate through the hardest natural materials.

Sustainable solutions

We use the latest rock drilling maintenance and repair equipment. With this, you can penetrate through the hardest natural materials.

Professional approach

We offer affordable rates and a dedicated rock drilling repair team.

Your Rock Drilling Equipment Repairs Questions Answered

We provide rock drilling equipment repairs to a wide range of industries, including mining, mineral exploration, pipe services, and more.

We provide support for rock drilling machines anywhere in Australia.

In addition to maintenance and repairs of rock drilling machines, we offer CNC machining, CNC Turning, Assembly, and more.

Whether through repair or replacement with spare parts, rock drilling equipment needs to be in optimal condition. Repairing and maintenance is typically more cost-effective than replacing rock drilling machines altogether. Timely repairs also help to minimise downtime and maintain productivity as opposed to buying new machinery.

Rock Drilling Industry Expertise

With many years of experience, our company has the knowledge and experience to handle rock drilling projects of any size.

Reliable Equipment and Spare Parts

Our rock drill equipment and spare parts help to ensure optimal performance and productivity.


Whether you're in a city or thousands of kilometres away on a remote site in the country, we're here to help.

Providing Rock Drill Repairs Where You Need Them Most

At Bredo, we’re rock drilling equipment repair contractors with decades of experience. Our maintenance and repair services ensure your rock drilling machines continue to work well, safely, for as long as possible.
Whether you need customised engineering service or simply spare parts for your rock drilling equipment, you can trust Bredo. Contact us today for expert rock drill equipment repair.