Engineering Maintenance Solutions

Engineering maintenance services to help your equipment stand the test of time.


Engineering Maintenance Solutions, Tailored to You

At Bredo, we provide tailored solutions to meet your maintenance and engineering needs. Whether you want to take a proactive approach to your vehicle or to fix broken equipment, we offer quality workmanship and responsive service. From protective coatings to assessing equipment condition, we offer it all. With over 45 years of experience, we’re the expert multi-disciplinary team to turn to for knowledgeable and experienced management.

Engineering maintenance welding

For All Your Engineering Maintenance Needs

Our team, led by knowledgeable EMS, have consistently provided:

General Maintenance

Our young dynamic management team believes their success lies in all forms of maintenance solutions, including general maintenance.

Equipment Maintenance

Our young dynamic management team believe their success lies in all forms of maintenance solutions, including general maintenance.

Fabrication Maintenance

Our fabrication maintenance services are designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Bespoke Vehicle Maintenance

Our diverse areas of expertise extend to vehicle maintenance services, making us your one point of contact for numerous remediation projects.

Maintenance Options

Our maintenance capabilities:

Quality Maintenance

Quality maintenance aims to minimise defects, improve process quality, and boost equipment reliability adhering to quality standards.

Corrective Maintenance

If your equipment has failed, our mechanical engineering services company is here to help. By identifying and addressing issues with failed equipment, we aim to reduce your downtime with high-quality solutions.

Preventative Maintenance

We believe in preventing problems before they occur. With preventative maintenance, you can extend the life of your equipment and avoid costly breakdowns.

Condition-Based Maintenance

We take an open approach to dealing with equipment by inspecting it on a regular basis. Providing maintenance based on its condition allows us to determine what, if any, maintenance services are required.

Your Engineering Maintenance Questions Answered

When it comes to engineering maintenance solutions, quality is key. Our expert multi-disciplinary team provides quality maintenance in an effort to:

  • Reduce production costs through less waste and fewer defects
  • Increase overall efficiency and effectiveness of the production process
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products, workmanship, and responsive service

We provide engineering maintenance solutions for a wide range of equipment, including industrial machinery, vehicles, fabrication tools, and more. Our solutions with in-house maintenance, construction, and installation mean we maintain your project with full accountability.

We provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of various industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, mining, and more.

High-Quality Environmental Remediation Services

Sustainability is important to us, so we play our part in ensuring safe and usable resources.

Experience and Expertise

With over 45 years of experience, we provide knowledgeable and experienced management for every project.

Delivering Total Turnkey Solutions

Whether you need installation of remediation systems or engineering maintenance solutions (EMS), we deliver turnkey solutions in several diverse areas.

Looking for Quality Maintenance Services?

Our multi-disciplinary team led by knowledgeable maintenance experts has consistently provided quality workmanship for over 45 years. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high degree of quality maintenance solutions and enduring client satisfaction. As a result, we find dealing with clients refreshing! When you’re looking for a mechanical maintenance engineer, contact us — we look forward to working with you.