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Engineered Manufacturing
from Blueprint to Beyond

At Bredo, we’re your trusted provider of CNC machining, mechanical drafting, 3D printing, assembly, and more. With a rich history spanning 45 years, we deliver high-quality and precise engineered manufacturing solutions. We service a wide range of industries and pride ourselves on our in-house capabilities, full control, and zero harm safety policy.


At Bredo, we envision becoming a leading force in the engineered manufacturing industry. We focus on continually improving and expanding our capabilities, empowering businesses across many industries to thrive.


Our mission is to provide innovative manufacturing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Through precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, we aim to deliver products and services that exceed expectations.

Our Story

Founded in 1970, Bredo was originally known as Bredo Mators. As Bredo, we specialised in CNC machining, milling, and turning services for over 45 years.

Meanwhile, Copamate has its own legacy. Known internationally and around Australia as a recognised supplier of engineering solutions, Copamate’s main focus was on the pipeline, rail, and mining industries.

In January 2022, Copamate acquired Bredo Mators. This union enhanced our capacity to deliver high-quality CNC manufacturing solutions. Together, Bredo has become known as a leading manufacturing solution provider for large and small businesses across a wide range of industries.

Bredo now provides services to the defence, automotive, aerospace, mining, and transport industries, among others. From CNC machining and turning to 3D printing and tooling repairs, Bredo now works with Copamate to achieve manufactured engineering excellence.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability and Zero Harm

Our dedication to our craft doesn’t begin and end with manufactured engineering.
At Bredo, sustainability is embedded in our practices. Our ‘Zero Harm’ policy sees us prioritise environmentally-friendly initiatives as we aim to create a better future. We do this through:

Our Experts

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Jo Hocking

Business Development Manager

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Chandra Shanmugam

General Manager

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Work With Us

At Bredo, we’re dedicated to quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Whether it’s mining, public transport, or defence, we deliver excellence in every aspect.

Our strong focus on meeting industry standards, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction means we’re always pioneering innovative solutions. Contact us today to start your project.


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