CNC Turning

CNC Turning

We offer high quality, precision CNC turning services using state-of-the-art lathes from Japan and the United States.

Whether you need production of a one-off prototype or large-scale manufacturing, our experienced and professional CNC technicians can ensure your project is made to the highest standards.

We use modern CNC lathes from the United States and Japan, allowing us to carry out four-axis turning projects. Let our experienced team manufacture your project and turn your concept into a reality.

In addition to CNC turning, we offer precision CNC machining and CNC milling services.

The CNC Turning Process

CNC turning involves the use of a computer-controlled, automated lathe to cut metal or plastic into a specific object. In order to achieve exact and consistent results, the raw material is turned at a high speed while a cutting tool removes material.

Since the CNC turning process is automated, an incredible level of exactness can be achieved. Production runs of thousands of objects can be completed with minimal differences between each unit.

We use state-of-the-art CNC turning equipment from Japan and the United States, allowing us to complete one-off prototypes and bulk manufacturing orders with a minimal lead time and to the most demanding standards.

Using our CNC turning equipment, we can manufacture items to your specifications using a range of materials, including:

  • Stainless steels (316, 304, 303, 630, 416, 431, Stavax)
  • Tool steels (P20, Orvar, M238, K110, K245, EN25)
  • Case hardening steels (EN36A, E110, S1214)
  • Carbon steels (1020, 1010, 1141, 1146, 4140, 4340, 1045, M300)
  • Aluminiums (7075, 6061, 6262, 6060, 5083, 2011)
  • Plastics (Acetal, Nylon, Peek, PTFE, UHMWPE, PP, Ertalyt)
  • Brass (385, 352, 353)
  • Aluminium bronze
  • Bronze
  • Copper (C110, C147)
  • Silver Steel
  • Magnesium
  • Cast Iron
  • Macor Ceramics
  • Green Carbide

All of our CNC turning processes are subject to full in-house quality inspection to ISO 9001 standards.

Benefits of CNC Turning

Automated CNC turning offers a range of benefits, whether you need to produce a single prototype or a large production run of identical items. A major advantage of CNC turning is the level of efficiency that can be achieved.

Unlike a human-controlled turning machine, which is limited in its efficiency by its operator, CNC turning equipment can operate round the clock to manufacture large quantities of precision objects with minimal lead times.

CNC turning also offers an incredible level of precision and exactness. From one to several thousand units, CNC turning equipment can achieve an incredible level of tolerance over any production run.

As our customer, you benefit from our team’s expert knowledge and understanding of CNC turning, rapid production, incredible consistency and great value for money.

Our CNC Turning Equipment

We use the latest CNC turning equipment from Japan and the United States. All of our CNC turning projects are completed in our modern production facility located less than 30 minutes from the centre of Melbourne, Victoria.

Our production facility contains high quality equipment from leading companies such as Okuma, Star, Citizen and Micro-Vu. We can work with a wide range of materials to achieve your goals and manufacture your project to the strictest standards.

All of our CNC turning projects are measured using strict quality control equipment to ensure precise accuracy. Our American-made co-ordinate measuring machine has a measuring accuracy of two microns, letting us carefully monitor project quality.

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Whether you’re interested in producing a limited number of objects or a large-scale production run of precise, tight tolerance parts, we’re here to help. Our experienced and professional team can ensure your CNC turning requirements are met.

Contact us to speak to our staff and learn more about our CNC turning services or to request an obligation-free quote for your project.