Jobbing and Production

Precision Jobbing and Accurate Machining Production

We cater to all production sizes, from one-off custom projects to large runs of high quality precision components. Our experienced CNC technicians can prepare your custom project to the highest standards at a reasonable cost.

Jobbing is the production of a customised item or small batch of items. Our team of experienced and qualified CNC technicians can efficiently produce your project, no matter how simple or ambitious your objectives are.

Although jobbing is typically less efficient than large-scale CNC manufacturing, we can work efficiently on your project to ensure it’s completed to a fantastic level of precision within a reasonable turnaround time.

Our Jobbing and Production Process

We’re happy to help you with your custom project. Using our state-of-the-art CNC equipment from Japan and the United States, we can produce precision items for your custom project on time, to a high level of quality and at a reasonable cost.

Our experienced CNC technicians carefully monitor all stages of your project, from machining to quality control. We work with a large range of high quality materials, allowing us to successfully complete almost any manufacturing project.

In order to keep the manufacturing process as efficient as possible, we can use batch production to complete multiple stages of your project simultaneously, resulting in a shorter lead time and reduced costs without any compromise in quality.

Benefits of Our Jobbing and Production Services

Do you need expert help for your custom project? We work with a wide variety of businesses across Australia providing CNC machining and repetition engineering services, from well-known brands to local businesses.

Our experienced team can provide the expert advice and assistance you need to ensure your project is a success. Using our state-of-the-art machining equipment, we can produce precise, exact parts in small quantities or en masse.

In addition to our manufacturing services, we offer a range of additional services such as design and drafting. Whether your project is a rough sketch or a detailed CAD drawing, our professional CNC machining team can turn it into a reality.

Our Manufacturing Equipment

We complete all jobbing and production projects from our modern manufacturing facility in Reservoir, less than 30 minutes from Melbourne. Our team works using state-of-the-art equipment from Japan and the United States.

Our manufacturing facility contains high quality equipment from leading brands such as Okuma, Star, Citizen and Micro-Vu. Our diverse selection of equipment lets us achieve an extremely high standard of quality on production runs of any scale.

All of our work is carefully monitored using modern quality control equipment to ensure consistency and quality. Our American-made Vertex 420CMM co-ordinate measuring machine can monitor quality to a measuring accuracy of 2 microns.

Contact Us

Whether you’re interested in producing a custom prototype from CAD drawings or manufacturing a large number of precision items, we’re here to turn your objectives into reality.

Contact us to speak to our staff and learn more about our jobbing and production services or to request an obligation-free quote for your project.